Meet The Doctor

Dr. Steve Hansen

Dr. Steve Hansen DC, FASBE

  • Chiropractic Orthopedist
  • Graduated Valedictorian from Chiropractic College
  • Fellow of the American Board of Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
  • Founding Member Council on Pediatrics Chiropractic
  • Founding Member Council on Chiropractic Imaging
  • Preceptor for Facility Member - Life Chiropractic College West
  • American Acadamy of Pain Management

Dr. Hansen is an experienced and committed chiropractic in the Elk Grove/Laguna Area.Dr. Hansen was born and raised in Elk Grove. In Fact, Dr. Hansen's grandparents raised 8 children here. There is a street named after Dr. Hansen's mothers' family, Eisenbeisz St.

While growing up Dr. Hansen developed a keen interest in staying healthy because both of his grandfathers died of strokes in their early 50's. Then his father in his early 30's developed rheumatoid arthritis, which caused his father a great amount of pain and deformity. His father was constantly being used as a guinea pig and was given many different kinds of drugs and experimental drugs. All of which had moderate to severe side effects. One of Dr. Hansen's uncles and two of his aunt's also developed rheumatoid arthritis

Also, while growing up Dr. Hansen's mom developed headaches and anxiety and had a lot of neck, shoulder and chest pain. The medical doctors told her that she needed trigger point injections. When the medical doctors gave the injection in a chest muscle, he put the needle in too deep and collapsed her lung. Dr. Hansen's mother spent two weeks in the hospital and almost died.

Needless to say Dr. Hansen was not very impressed with the medical profession, yet he knew he needed to learn what it took to be healthy and he figured there was no better way then to become a medical doctor. So Dr. Hansen attended San Joaquin Delta College and then Sacramento State University as a pre-med major. While attending Sacramento State Dr. Hansen sustained a severe low back injury and went to the campus medical doctor who gave him drugs and told him he had a strained muscle. Two weeks later Dr. Hansen was still crawling to the bathroom in the morning and if he sneezed or coughed he would end up on the floor in severe spasms. He returned to the medical doctor who sent him to a physical therapist who told him to put heat and ice on his back and stretch his muscles. Another two weeks went by and Dr. Hansen was not more than 5 to 10% improved since the original injury. That is when Dr. Hansen's father took him to see an old retired chiropractor that he knew. Dr. Hansen at that time had never even heard the word chiropractic and did not know what a chiropractor did. When Dr. Hansen received his fist chiropractic adjustment he got off the table and was immediately 70% improved. Dr. Hansen then stayed with his chiropractor for the summer and was completely healed.

Dr. Hansen then returned to Sacramento State University and took a few more courses in chemistry and physics and entered Life Chiropractic College West.

Four academic years later Dr. Hansen graduated from Chiropractic College as valedictorian of his class. Dr. Hansen has been practicing chiropractic since 1986 and now has one of the largest solo practices in California.

If you are looking for a committed, passionate, and caring doctor of chiropractic who has 100% faith in his ability to help you, call today and join Dr. Hansen's family of thousands of enthusiastically satisfied patients.

20 YEARS LATER………………………….
After 20 years in practice I thought I had it all figured out. I had a very successful practice and many loyal patients. Then I was involved in an auto accident. I was hit from behind and suffered from whiplash. Initially I thought, "no big deal, I will just get adjusted and heal up".

Long story short, I developed pinched nerves in my neck and an MRI revealed 2 herniated disks and I torn disk. My right biceps muscle atrophied, (withered), ½ inch and became significantly weaker. I experienced headaches for the first time in my life and constant neck pain. Two and ½ years went by and over one dozen different chiropractors and several different chiropractic techniques, to no avail.

I actually considered retiring. As if this were not enough a close family relative who for the last 20 years I have cared for, had a neck injury and the epilepsy that went away after I begin caring for him returned and despite my best efforts I could not get him stabilized. Also during this time I had a great long term patient developed throat cancer and die shortly after. There were several more patients who for one reason or another frustrated me with regard to lack of healing or frequent flare-ups. So I begin to pray, asking God for answers.

Then I began to search the internet, calling up old friends, and going to seminars looking for answers. The answer came in two parts the first at a re-licensure seminar in Las Vegas. A Doctor was giving this very awkward looking adjustment in the reception area with about 20 people standing in line. I stood in line to receive what would be my first biocranial adjustment and a life changing event for myself, my family and my patients. My first biocranial hurt immensely. So did my second and third. Then on my eighth biocranial "IT" happened.

Relief of neck pain, no more arm numbness or weakness. No more headaches!! And a surprising bonus, my wife and I felt less stressed out by our kids and life in general, we were just happier. This would be a recurring theme reported by dozens of patients. As it turns out Biocranial releases stress and torquing on the brain and spinal cord and the entire nervous system and hence the entire body and mind functions better.

During my healing process it became clear that if I wanted to become a true world class healer I needed to address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. I needed to make available to my patients the opportunity to participate in "living health" Chiropractic techniques, Exercise strategies that WORK! , Nutritional products that are effective and affordable, and ongoing support, assistance and advice on achieving and maintaining a state of "living health".

After hundreds of hours of research it all came together. Hansen Chiropractic is now Peak Performance Chiropractic offering 20 years of chiropractic experience, a state of the art strength training, rehab and fitness center, sessions are one on one with a certified trainers. Superior results in increase strength, stamina, flexibility, neck and back stability, fat burning and osteoporosis reduction/prevention!!

Stress reduction is also a major goal in the Living Health puzzle, so we added Massage Therapy. Whole food nutrition is also very important since most people eat fast food, packaged food and lack adequate amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. So we made available Juice Plus so that you can get whole food nutrition from 17 raw, ground up fruits and vegetables.

I also provide weekly, "Mind Expansions", i.e. patient handouts covering various topics to achieve and maintain Living Health. We also have a monthly Living Health e-mail news letter that you can sign up for. You can be assured that I am relentless in my quest to stay on the cutting edge of providing outstanding HEALTH CARE. I expect only one thing in return, SPREAD THE WORD!! I truly enjoy caring for people. I want to be used up. I do not want to waste my God given potential.

So, PLEASE step up and tell your friends, family and co-workers about what we do. It literally could change their lives.

Your enthusiastic LIVING HEALTH COACH,
Dr. Hansen


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